We at lorgat architects are honoured to have this opportunity to outline procedures before we meet up at our offices.

Before we meet and before we pursue any design ideas and concepts it will be advisable to source out the following info:
  1. Previously approved plans of the existing building if site is not a clean slate.
  2. Sg diagram indicating outline of site with coordinates
  3. Zoning information which indicates the use zone, height zone, floor area ratio, coverage, density, building line and parking if applicable
  4. Title deeds needs to be scrutinized to see if there are any clauses that would restrict any design proposals especially special building lines and huge servitudes that may be on the property. Eskom’s reserved power lines and any non stable land which has been mined needs to be investigated as well.
  5. A sewer map.( will be sourced out at a later stage once architects are appointed)

In any case the above info is necessary and is to be attached with council submission drawings at council submission stage.
Once all the above information is available, we will be armed with knowledge of any type of restrictions posed by council, eskom, title deeds, etc. This information will allow us to make more informed decisions when designing, thereby not wasting time and causing undue problems to clients at a later stage.
At this meeting a presentation of projects and a briefing meeting will be held. The briefing meeting is simply the client explaining to the architect all their visions and requirements. The clients need to pour their heart out no matter how patty it may seem. Lorgat architects has to get into the mind of the client to be able to make their vision more than a reality.
Architects fee will also be discussed at this stage.